JOB TITLE: Court Administrator

REPORTS TO: Court Chief Judge


Manages all administrative functions of the Court, including personnel, fiscal, caseflow, records, office automation, jury, space and equipment and information management; and public education, research and advisory services, and intergovernmental relations.


(An * denotes duties or responsibilities judged to be “essential job functions" in terms of the Americans With Disabilities Act or ADA)

  • Directs activities of all Court staff and is responsible for personnel management and labor relations functions, including hiring staff, providing staff orientation, training staff, assigning work, evaluating work performance, and disciplining.*
  • Serves as chief financial officer preparing budgets for judicial review and approval, presenting budgets to funding units, authorizing and monitoring expenditures, and working with funding unit, state and federal officials on budget and related financial matters.*
  • Meets with Chief Judge and auditors regarding audits of Court financial records and controls. Consults with Chief Judge regarding audit findings and implementation of audit recommendations. Ensures that audit recommendations are implemented.*
  • Attends Judicial Council meetings to discuss programs, procedures and various operational issues. Assists in implementing goals and objectives of the Council.*
  • Analyzes and evaluates pending caseload and implements policies and procedures to ensure effective caseflow management in accordance with caseflow management guidelines, court rules and statutes. Coordinates the resolution of caseflow problems with court and funding unit staff, judges and others.*
  • Manages case assignment system, including reassignment of cases and requests for judicial assignments.*
  • Manages Court financial transactions ensuring that receivables, expenditures and disbursements are processed as required and that financial controls are in compliance with accepted accounting practices. Addresses any collection, disbursement and accounting related irregularities.*
  • Oversees the processing of all cases, including the filing of all court documents, ensuring the proper custody, maintenance, storage and disposal of court records.*
  • Analyzes, evaluates and implements automated systems to assist the court in managing information, including computers, word processors, facsimile, telecommunications, and microfilm/microfiche technology. Authorizes requests for changes in system programming, requests for system access, and initiates system changes/updates in response to case processing changes.*
  • Manages a centralized jury service program for all divisions ensuring an adequate number of jurors for trials, coordinating juror management activities, and overseeing sequestering and payment of jurors.*
  • Serves as principal staff liaison to county officials, local bar association, state and federal agencies, legislators, community agencies, news media, schools and colleges, and other agencies and organizations. Explains court functions and programs, discusses legislation, explains court policies and procedures, addresses complaints and service issues, responds to questions about court cases and service requests, and coordinate services and programs.*
  • Researches and evaluates legislation, court rules and office operations. Advises Chief Judge and court staff of legislative and court rule impact on court operations; identifies administrative problems and recommends changes.*
  • Develops and implements case processing and case management policies and procedures to improve services and ensure court operations are in compliance with applicable statutes and court rules.*
  • Conducts and/or supervises special projects such as court automation/computerization, case load and case activity analysis, and court/office organization.*
  • Oversees the procurement of office equipment, supplies and services. Plans physical space needs and coordinates office remodeling and relocations.*
  • Prepares various financial, budget, caseload, case pending, case activity and related reports as required.*
  • May assist in all 46th Circuit Court Divisions when necessary to meet the needs of the court.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Chief Judge.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by a person in this position. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all duties that may be performed by such a person.