JOB TITLE: Magistrate

REPORTS TO: District Division Manager


Serves in a quasi-judicial capacity as prescribed by statute and court rule, and as authorized by the judge. Conducts informal hearings on civil infractions, conducts arraignments on misdemeanor and felony matters, issues arrest and search warrants, and sets bond.


(An * denotes duties or responsibilities judged to be “essential job functions" in terms of the Americans With Disabilities Act or ADA)

  • Accepts and examines criminal complaints and examines witnesses, as necessary, in order to determine probable cause for issuing arrest warrants as authorized by the prosecuting attorney.*
  • Accepts and examines affidavits for search warrants from law enforcement officers. Upon determining probable cause, issues search warrants.*
  • Sets or denies bail in criminal matters based on seriousness of charge, likelihood of accused's court appearance, and other relevant factors. May set conditions for bond, or commit accused persons to jail in lieu of bail.*
  • Conducts arraignments in felony and misdemeanor matters, accepts guilty pleas and sentences defendants for misdemeanors within magistrate's statutory jurisdiction, considering defendant's record and other relevant factors.*
  • Conducts informal hearings in civil infraction matters. Explains the law and procedures to parties, hears testimony, examines witnesses under oath, makes findings of fact and conclusions of law, and assesses appropriate sanctions upon findings of responsibility.*
  • Accepts admissions of responsibility in civil infraction cases, considers defendants' verbal or written explanations, and makes appropriate disposition of cases including assessing fines and other sanctions.*
  • Takes action on overdue cases, authorizing issuance of bond forfeiture notices and ensuring that necessary enforcement action is taken for failure to appear, and/or failure to comply with civil infraction judgments. May also petition for issuance of bench warrants.*
  • Performs civil wedding ceremonies.*
  • Serves in an on-call status for issuance of search warrants and arrest warrants and setting of bond.*
  • Maintains records of magisterial related activity and prepares activity reports as required.*
  • May assist in all 46th Circuit Trial Court Divisions when necessary to meet the needs of the court.*
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Chief Judge.*

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by a person in this position. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all duties that may be performed by such a person.