JOB TITLE: FOC Interstate Case Manager

REPORTS TO: Assistant Friend of the Court


Initiates interstate remedies, monitors enforcement of support in interstate cases, responds to written and telephonic inquiries about interstate cases and locates individuals for purposes of support enforcement.


(An * denotes duties or responsibilities judged to be “essential job functions" in terms of the Americans With Disabilities Act or ADA)

  • Researches and determines appropriate interstate remedies when one or both parties resides outside of the State of Michigan and takes steps necessary to initiate interstate action.*
  • Requests the court, when necessary, to determine the controlling support order when multi-state orders exist.*
  • In all cases where another state is collecting/enforcing a support order associated with a Michigan case, researches and responds to written and telephonic inquiries from litigants and other enforcement agencies. (DI,TI,UI,UF,UC,UO,DF, case types)*
  • Monitors all interstate cases where another state is collecting/enforcing a support order associated with a Michigan case and initiates requests for enforcement action and status updates when necessary. (DI,TI,UI,UF,UC,UO,DF case types)*
  • Researches and responds to all written and telephonic inquiries from other state enforcement agencies regarding the status of all interstate cases enforceable in Michigan and requests for additional information. Works with case manager to initiate enforcement action when appropriate. (DR,DW,UW,DU,TU,UN,UM,UE)*
  • Informs other states of information related to cases that would aid in the location of a party, the collection of support and/or update the status of the support account.*
  • Registers orders entered in Michigan and foreign orders in the appropriate state when referred by the FIA Support Specialist and monitors such cases for confirmation of registration and ongoing enforcement.*
  • Receives requests for registration of foreign orders. Initiates registration process and monitors status of case until such time as the registration is completed.*
  • Initiates location activities in all cases when necessary and appropriate through the use of the CSES system, LEIN, internet, postal locators, interstate transmittals and other means available.*
  • Reviews the list of bad address generated from the CSES system on a regular basis and follows through with appropriate location efforts.*
  • Reviews interstate cases for possible case closure and takes action pursuant to current policy to initiate case closure.*
  • Periodically reviews CSES codes related to interstate cases and, in all cases, bench warrants to determine the status of enforcement and to initiate location efforts, if necessary.*
  • May assist in all 46th Circuit Trial Court Divisions when necessary to meet the needs of the court.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Chief Judge.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by a person in this position. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all duties that may be performed by such a person.